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Understanding the Loss of Sight Following a Stroke

Eyesight loss is not uncommon after a stroke. Let 24-Hour Home Care in La Mesa, CA help you and your dad understand why and what can be done.
24-Hour Home Care in La Mesa
24-Hour Home Care in La Mesa

After his stroke, one thing isn’t returning. Your dad lost his eyesight. This isn’t uncommon. About 65% of stroke patients lose some or all of their vision, and it doesn’t always return. If some vision is restored, it happens slowly.

When your dad’s vision is gone, there are several things he’s going to need. One of those is to have someone with him throughout the day and night.

Why Does Vision Loss Occur?

When a stroke occurs, it’s the result of a blockage of blood flow that damages the brain. Therefore, as the brain works with your eyes, the damage to the brain will impact vision.

The area around the occipital lobe controls vision processing. While the area around the brainstem helps with object recognition and eye movements. The area of the brain affected by the stroke plays a role in what type of vision loss occurs.

  • Dry eyes – Inadequate tear production to properly lubricate the eyes
  • Eye movement disorders – Nerves and muscles no longer move correctly
  • Homonymous hemianopia – Loss of half the central field of vision in the left or right eye
  • Homonymous quadrantanopia – Loss of a quarter of the central field of vision in the left or right eye
  • Scotoma – Blind spots in at least one eye
  • Spatial Inattention – Lack of awareness of items in the area of vision on the stroke-affected side of the body


What Happens Now?

Following a stroke, one of the first things your dad will be told is that he cannot drive. It’s not safe until time passes, without any mini-strokes or additional strokes. His loss of vision also impacts his ability to drive.

For all your dad’s medical appointments, he cannot drive. He needs someone with him at appointments to help him get in and out of the building and to and from the car.

Likewise, he’s not going to be able to cook meals. He might accidentally grab salt inside of sugar or balsamic vinegar instead of molasses. So, he needs guidance to find the right ingredients, measurement devices, and temperature settings on the stove or kitchen appliance.

Your dad’s fall risk increases. A stroke and loss of vision often increase dizziness. If he’s unsteady and does fall, it can lead to severe injuries, like a bone fracture, head injury, or a cut that needs stitches.

He Needs Support All Day and Night

Your dad shouldn’t be alone while adjusting to the loss of vision after his stroke. Arrange to have a team of 24-hour home care aides with him all day and night. If he needs something in the middle of the night or needs to get to the bathroom throughout the day, he has 24-hour home care aides ready and waiting to help.

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