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5 Things That Will Make Your Senior Parent Feel Safe At Home

Ensure your senior parent's safety and peace of mind with 24-hour home care and these tips, providing around-the-clock assistance and protection from emergencies and falls.
24-hour home care can provide peace of mind and protection for aging seniors.
24-hour home care can provide peace of mind and protection for aging seniors.

Safety is a big concern for seniors who are aging in place. Seniors have slower reactions than younger people, so it’s important to make sure that your senior parent can get out of the house safely if there is an emergency.

If your senior mom or dad wants to continue living at home but gets a little anxious about safety and security, these five things will help your senior parent feel safe at home:


24-Hour Home Care

The best way to make your senior parent feel safe is to have 24-hour home care. With 24-hour home care services, your senior parent will have someone in the home with them around the clock. If there is a fire or other emergency, someone will be in the home to help them get out safely. Seniors are much less likely to be the victims of property crime if someone is home and awake at night.

Having 24-hour home care will also keep your mom or dad safe from falls, medical equipment malfunctions, and natural disasters. There will always be someone with your mom or dad who can call for help if something happens. That will give your senior parent and you peace of mind.


A Camera Doorbell

A camera doorbell is a fantastic tool for seniors. When the doorbell is installed, it alerts an app on your senior parent’s tablet or phone if someone rings the doorbell. Your senior parent can access the camera to see who is at the door and speak to them without opening the door. For safety and convenience, a camera doorbell is something all seniors aging in place should have.


Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are good things to have outside and inside the home. Outside motion sensor lights deter crime. And if your senior parent has to come home after dark, like from a medical appointment in the winter, motion lights will make it much easier to see where they are walking.

Motion sensor lights can also be used indoors to help prevent falls. Installing motion sensor lights in the hallway, the bathroom, and near the stairs can keep your senior parent from falling in the dark or flailing for a light switch.


Interior Cameras

Interior cameras may initially feel like an invasion of privacy. However, they can be a lifeline in an emergency. If your senior parent falls or needs help and no one is there with them, having cameras inside along with 24-hour home care can let you know that your senior parent needs your help.


Smart Sensor Mats

Smart sensor mats can be placed on the floor next to the bed, in a hallway, or anywhere that your senior mom or dad is likely to fall. The mat senses pressure, and if your mom or dad falls on the mat and the pressure isn’t removed within a certain period of time, the mat will notify you or 24-hour home care through an app that your senior parent seems to have fallen. Then you can call EMS.




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