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5 Tips for Planning Enjoyable Visits for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease might have a tougher time with large groups or visits from friends and family members. These tips can help. 
Alzheimer’s home care can help create enjoyable visits for families and their senior loved ones.
Alzheimer’s home care can help create enjoyable visits for families and their senior loved ones.

Planning visits for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease can feel a lot more complicated than it used to. The reasons for that are often related to what the different people involved expect from these visits and how disruptive these visits are for seniors. Alzheimer’s home care providers can help families plan better visits for their seniors with Alzheimer’s disease. This is important because these visits help seniors get the social engagement they need with people they care about.


Setting a Positive Tone

When the overall environment is as positive as possible, that can help quite a lot. Creating a welcoming and happy experience is important. Preparing visitors by letting them know what to expect allows them to get used to the changes they might see in the seniors they love. They need to understand that seniors with Alzheimer’s disease tend to have good days as well as bad ones. Simplifying the situation as much as possible can help.


Choosing Activities to Do

For so many visits, it can help a lot to have a specific activity in mind. Activities like reminiscing, engaging in simple crafts, or doing puzzles and games together can help. For seniors who love to be outside, spending time in the yard or garden might be a good idea. Watching favorite movies or television shows can also be helpful.

Alzheimer’s home care providers can help narrow down ideas that fit with the senior’s existing routine.


Creating a Calm Environment

If the visit environment is hectic or full of distractions, it will be much more complicated than it needs to be. Reducing noise and helping to keep the visit calm can help reduce anxiety for everyone involved. This also allows everyone to focus on why they’re there: to spend time with the seniors they love.


Maintaining Routines as Much as Possible

Alzheimer’s home care providers help seniors establish routines that support their needs and make their lives easier. Unfortunately, visits with people they love might interfere a bit with those routines. What can help is to try to make visits part of the routine.

The same visitor might not be able to make it every time, but having a specific day of the week or time of day set aside for visits can help quite a lot.


Keeping the Situation Friendly

Limiting group sizes is one way to help seniors avoid feeling overwhelmed by visitors. Staggering visits or encouraging some people to wait in another room and swapping out can be less overwhelming for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s home care providers can help families stay aware of nonverbal cues that indicate seniors might be overwhelmed and need to cut a visit short. This helps ensure that seniors associate visits with positive experiences, which means they’re more able to enjoy those events.


Planning visits properly helps seniors with Alzheimer’s disease to have better overall experiences with visitors. Alzheimer’s home care providers can help family caregivers ensure that they’re putting visits together in a way that helps seniors have fun and get the social engagement they need and want.



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