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What Is Palliative Care?

Palliative care at home can dramatically improve your family member’s quality of life. See what Palliative Care in Bonita, CA can do for your family member.
Palliative Care in Bonita
Palliative Care in Bonita

Palliative care works alongside other treatments your family member may want. This care is designed to keep your family member as comfortable and able to cope with her situation as possible. That can mean various therapies, depending on the situation and challenges ahead.

Starting Earlier Offers Better Benefits

So often patients wait a long time to even consider palliative options. For many health issues, palliative care is available immediately after diagnosis. But many people don’t know the benefits and how palliative care works, so they don’t try it. Early use of palliative therapies provides big benefits.

Planning Matters a Great Deal

Palliative care helps your family plan for the future and what is possible. Your family member and her supporters learn more about her health and what she needs. Your family member can also learn about what else can help her live the life she wants to live.

Conditions Which Benefit from Palliative Care

Palliative care is generally recommended for any type of health issue called life-limiting. Which means the illness affects quality of life and your family member’s ability to perform daily activities. Some conditions helped by palliative options include:

  • COPD
  • Cancer
  • Dementia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Congestive Heart Failure

There are also many other health issues that can benefit from palliative options.

This Type of Care Works with Curative Care

Unlike hospice care, palliative care works with whatever other treatments your family member is interested in. So, if she’s still very committed to curative therapies, like chemotherapy, palliative treatment options can help support her as she goes through that treatment. Palliative care ensures that your family member holistically cares for her health, instead of just focusing on one aspect of care.

Palliative Treatments Can Extend Life

For some people, palliative care treatments can extend life. Studies suggest this happens because there tend to be less aggressive treatments at the end of life, and that the focus on quality of life impacts longevity. This information supports the belief that opting for palliative care sooner rather than later is a better idea for your family member. Because palliative treatment options cover a wide range of different types of care, your family member has various ways to support her needs.

Choosing palliative care early on after a serious diagnosis allows your family member to have the support she needs to battle various illnesses. But it’s never too late to add palliative treatments to your family member’s care plan.

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