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Is Your Dad Eating Alone at Dinner Time?

On February 17th, participate in No One Eats Alone Day. Help your dad have someone to dine with as often as possible. In-Home Care in Coronado, CA can help.
In-Home Care in Coronado
In-Home Care in Coronado

Who does your dad dine with each night? Is he alone for the majority of his meals and snacks? This is something your family needs to address on February 17th’s No One Eats Alone Day.

Research finds that 21% of older men live alone. If your dad’s alone all day and night, how often does anyone visit? Older adults often skip meals or have quick snacks and prepared foods when they’re on their own. His nutritional intake may not be ideal when he eats alone.

How do you make sure your dad is never alone for meals? Here are some of the best ways to ensure he has people to share meals with.

Take Him Out

Rotate weeks and have each member of your family take your dad out for a meal. Pick his favorite restaurant and enjoy a relaxed meal together. If your dad has errands to run, you can do that before or after the meal.

Hold Weekly Potluck Gatherings

For any close family friends and family members still living in the area, arrange a weekly potluck lunch or dinner. Then, everyone can bring a dish your dad enjoys and join him for a meal.

On weekends, if your dad is okay with the idea, you could do a luncheon or brunch and play games or watch movies after. He might enjoy having a movie day before a potluck dinner.

Before the event, arrive early and help your dad clean up. He may be self-conscious about his home being cluttered, but you can help him clean up to prevent him from trying to clean it up in a rush.

As everyone brings a dish, your dad doesn’t have to do anything in preparation. He’ll have plenty of people to talk to and has a variety of entrees or sides. Leave leftovers with him to provide several meals.

Look Into Senior Center Dinners

If there is a local senior center in your dad’s town, see if they do weekly dinner events. Some host dinners and dances every week or month. Your dad will have a hearty meal with his peers and enjoy dancing afterwards.

While his senior center may not host dinners like these, you may find them elsewhere. A local brewery may host a beer-tasting menu, where ticket holders gather for an evening, trying different beers and enjoying local cuisine. Wine tastings are another option.

See if local organizations host a murder mystery dinner party. There may be lake cruises, where people gather for a meal and cruise on the lake. Any of this can help your dad socialize and not have to eat alone.

Arrange Meal Preparation Services

One of the best ideas is to arrange in-home care for your dad. A caregiver stops by and helps him plan a weekly menu, takes him shopping for groceries, and carries everything in when they return.

Schedule meal preparation services from a local in-home care agency. Your dad has a caregiver to prepare a home-cooked meal for him and sit with him while he eats. Then, he has someone to talk to and share a meal with.

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