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We Answer Your Questions About 24-Hour Home Care

You've got questions, we've got answers. Get more of your questions about 24-Hour Home Care in Bonita, CA answered by experts in the field.
24-Hour Home Care in Bonita
24-Hour Home Care in Bonita

You’ve heard about 24-hour home care, and you have some questions. You’re not alone. Here are some questions that family caregivers ask a lot.

What Can 24-Hour Home Care Aides Do?

People often ask what 24-hour home care covers. It covers anything regular home care aides do. If your mom needs someone to cook her meals, drive her around, clean her home, and help her with personal care, 24-hour home care aides are there to help.

The difference is that she has a team of caregivers working throughout the day and night. Her caregiver works a shift, updates the next caregiver when that caregiver arrives, and leaves for the day. They will cover everything your mom needs help completing when it comes to personal and companion care services.

When Is This Level of Care Necessary?

When would you want to hire 24-hour home care aides? One of the most common reasons families arrange this care service is because their parent has dementia.

Your mom has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t sleep much. She gets up after sleeping a couple of hours and wants to go outside. She’s always asking to “go home.” A caregiver is awake and ready to redirect her. It keeps her from wandering.

If your mom has cancer and often wakes up feeling sick or in pain, her caregiver is there to help her get to the bathroom or bring her a glass of water and her OTC pain medications. She won’t have to struggle to get them on her own.

Do You Need a Spare Bedroom for the Caregiver?

Many people mistakenly think that 24-hour home care means the caregiver sleeps when their parent sleeps. That’s not the case. While your mom is sleeping, her caregiver is doing things on the to-do list.

If your mom is sleeping, her caregiver could be slicing vegetables for the next day’s meals. Her caregiver could sweep the floor, dust, and wipe down the counters. If the washing machine is far enough away that it won’t disturb your mom, the laundry could be completed while your mom is sleeping.

What Happens If a Caregiver Doesn’t Arrive on Time?

If a caregiver’s shift is about to end, and the other caregiver is running late or ill and not coming, the current caregiver stays until a supervisor or substitute arrives. Your mom will not be left alone.

Can You Change Services if Your Mom’s Needs Change?

Now that your mom’s health is improving, she doesn’t need overnight care anymore. Can you change services once you’ve started? Of course, you can. Services are adjusted to match your mom’s needs.

If her health worsens, she can add more services. If she fully recovers, you can cancel the services.

Do you have other questions? A 24-hour home care advisor can answer them. Once you have all the answers you need, schedule services and book 24-hour home care visits.

If you or an aging loved one are considering 24-Hour Home Care in Bonita, CA, please contact the caring staff at Aaron Home Care. (619) 880-5522

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