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Home Sweet Home: Adapting the Home for Senior Post-Hospital Recovery

Post Hospital Care: Senior Recovery in La Jolla, CA
Post Hospital Care: Senior Recovery in La Jolla, CA

Ensuring that our loved ones have a seamless transition from the hospital to their homes becomes increasingly important for their overall health as they get older. For a successful recovery after being discharged from the hospital, it is essential to modify the homes of seniors so that they can provide a comfortable and supportive environment. This blog will discuss a variety of post-hospital care strategies that can be implemented to make homes more accessible to seniors, thereby facilitating a more expedient and less arduous recuperation process.

Improve Accessibility While Eliminating Potential Dangers

Identify and eliminate potential hazards in the home by conducting a comprehensive home safety assessment. Some examples of potential hazards include loose rugs, clutter, and uneven flooring.

For the purpose of providing additional support, handrails should be installed along staircases and in bathrooms.

Also, make certain that the pathways are unobstructed and sufficiently wide to accommodate mobility aids such as wheelchairs and walkers that seniors might need as part of their post-hospital care plan.

Create a Bedroom That Is Warm and Relaxing

For the best post-hospital care, seniors need a quiet and supportive place to sleep. Depending on their situation, they might not be able to return to their former bedroom, which means that a new space will need to be created that meets their requirements. For instance, it needs to be quiet, comfortable, and welcoming. It also needs to have adequate lighting and be arranged in a way that seniors can move around easily. Also, the things they need should be within their reach.

Enhance the Accessibility of the Bathroom

Grab bars should be installed in the shower and near the toilet to provide assistance with maintaining stability. Additionally, it might be more comfortable to use a toilet seat that is raised. Just like in other areas of the home, rugs should either be removed or be non-slip to reduce slips and falls.

Kitchen Changes

Items that are frequently used should be within easy reach to reduce the amount of bending or reaching that it takes. Loved ones might also need to think about installing faucets with levers for easier use or counters that can be lowered. The flooring in the kitchen should also be assessed to ensure it’s slip-resistant.

Allow For Physical Activity

It’s important to pay attention to any post-hospital care needs regarding physical activity. Seniors may have physical therapists in and out of the home, but if they need to do exercises on their own, it’s essential to ensure they have the space to do so and that that space is safe.

When it comes to providing the care and support that our elderly loved ones require, ensuring their homes can accommodate post-hospital recovery is a step that is both thoughtful and necessary. We can create a safe and comfortable haven that encourages healing, independence, and overall well-being during this crucial phase of life by putting these tips and tricks into action through the implementation of these strategies.

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