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24-Hour Home Care Tips for Senior Morning Routines

24-hour home care can help your senior loved one get back into a morning routine that helps them create healthy habits and have a better day.
Senior Routines: 24-Hour Home Care in Point Loma, CA
Senior Routines: 24-Hour Home Care in Point Loma, CA

Seniors need more than just exercise and a healthy diet to be healthy as they get older. Even though daily exercise and a healthy diet are very important, seniors also need a sense of purpose. Finding purpose, building friendships and relationships, and pursuing their passions are also important for seniors.

Seniors that are aging in place have a great opportunity to invest in themselves as they age. Taking care of their physical and mental health will help them embrace the next chapter of their lives. But they often struggle with finding a good routine after they retire. When seniors lose the familiarity of the schedule they’ve had for years that involved things like being at work at a certain time or picking up the kids, they can fall into some unhealthy habits. 24-hour home care can help keep them on track.

Stay Physically Active

Regular physical activity is crucial to staying healthy. Physical activity helps maintain mobility, improves cardiovascular health, enhances strength and balance, and releases endorphins that boost mood. That doesn’t mean seniors need to do the same exercise all the time. Try to get 30 minutes each day of activity, in any way that seems fun or exciting. On days when seniors don’t have a lot of energy they may decide to go for a walk around the neighborhood. But on days when they have a lot of energy they may want to try pickleball or call a friend to go golfing. Exercise daily, but don’t get stuck in an exercise rut. Mix it up.

Focus On A Balanced Diet

Eating healthy is important for seniors. But that doesn’t mean seniors have to eat only bland foods. Try some new fruits or vegetables. Take a class to learn how to cook Mexican food. Find the joy in food to help find joy in life. Seniors should focus on developing a diet that is mostly vegetables, some fruit and healthy fat, and some healthy lean proteins. There are a lot of foods can fit into that diet. Seniors should experiment to find new dishes and foods they enjoy. Seniors with 24-hour home care can have a care provider help them cook and wash up.

Maintain Social Connections

Seniors need social connection to stay healthy. And often seniors lose touch with friends and family members over the years. Now is the perfect time to find those friends and call those family members. Taking steps to reach out and rebuild connections can help seniors stay physically and mentally healthy. Seniors can participate in social activities, join clubs or groups, volunteer, or connect with others through technology.

Pursue Hobbies

Hobbies are essential for physical and mental health. Seniors need to use their brains, and using their hands can be an excellent way for seniors to use their brains. Taking an art class, learning to knit, getting out the sewing machine, reading, puzzles, word games, learning new skills, or other hobbies can all keep seniors entertained as well as healthy.

Practice Self-Care and Relaxation

Most seniors have spent a huge chunk of their adult years taking care of others. Now it’s time for them to take care of themselves. Seniors should prioritize self-care and relaxation as part of their daily routine. This may include engaging in activities they enjoy, such as listening to music, practicing meditation or deep breathing exercises, taking a warm bath, or spending time in nature.

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