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24-Hour Home Care: Helping Your Loved One with Low Vision

Learn how to handle low vision challenges with useful tips, including the benefits of 24-hour home care. Explore solutions to help your loved one's well-being.
24-Hour Home Care: Low Vision in San Diego, CA
24-Hour Home Care: Low Vision in San Diego, CA

24-Hour Home Care: How to Help Your Loved One with Low Vision

Low vision is determined by a person’s ability to see details. When clarity and sharpness in vision decline to a certain point that vision is no longer always clear, a person can be diagnosed with low vision. It is not the same as needing glasses to read, but instead references more the effect that low vision has on a person’s daily life and the ability to safely and easily complete everyday tasks. It is often brought on by cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration so the elderly are often the demographic that suffers from low vision.

Understanding Low Vision and its Impact on Daily Life

There is often no cure or fix for low vision, so helping your loved one live with the disorder is important. You want your loved one to still be able to enjoy life even though her vision is impaired. The great news is that she can with some aid from people and some amazing assistive devices.

If your loved one still lives in her home but has low vision, you might want to consider several options to help keep her safe while still enjoying the freedom of living on her own. Here are some options to talk to her about.

Exploring 24-Hour Home Care Solutions

Getting a 24-hour home care team to help with round-the-clock care. Depending on your loved one’s vision, she might benefit from having a 24-hour home care provider in the home at all times. The 24-hour home care provider can help with transportation needs no matter the time of day, meal prep, and any other chores around the home that your loved one can no longer perform safely.

Enhancing Home Lighting

Increase lighting. If your loved one has low vision, inspect her home to make sure all areas are well-lit. A darkened hallway or stairs can become even more treacherous when combined with low vision. Each area of the home should have a good light source for your loved one to easily access. During visits, ask about any lightbulbs that may be burned out and make sure they are replaced.

Adapting Technology for Low Vision

Big print books and devices. Many handheld devices can be altered to have their displays set up to large print. This can help your loved one still be able to use her phone for calling and texting, as well as use her laptop or other handheld device for internet use. Another choice for many devices is to have printed text converted into spoken word so your loved one can listen to a text instead of reading it.

Creating Accessible Spaces

Create a place for everything. Not having to hunt through a drawer to find a serving spoon can save your loved one time and frustration. Instead, help her rearrange her home so that each item has a place where she can easily and safely find it when she needs it. Put away less commonly used items, and keep items that need to be used frequently in an area that is easy to access despite her vision loss.

By providing support and some changes, your loved one with low vision will still be able to live independently and enjoy the world around her.

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