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Naming the Company Aaron

Top Home Care in San Diego, CA by Aaron Home Care
Top Home Care in San Diego, CA by Aaron Home Care

I’m often a little embarrassed that the company is named Aaron Home Care. It seems self-gratifying. My wife, Pam, is the one who came up with it and convinced me. Hesitant at first, I ultimately agreed with her. Here’s why:

To Me, It’s Personal

I was called to this line of work because I care. That’s the bottom line. Increasingly, we see business savvy people learning senior care because it’s a booming business. That’s why this industry is currently the top selling franchise business. I have worked in the home care industry since 1998, as a caregiver, as a manager, as a trainer, as a monitor, as an advocate, and finally, as an owner. For most of those years, I never dreamed of opening my own. I just truly believed in what I did. I found I have a gift with people in need and it’s given me purpose. After years of experience, an opportunity to open my own business presented itself. I took a lot of classes, learned from mentors, and learned on the job. Rather than learn home care because I saw it as a lucrative business opportunity, I learned business, so I could utilize my integrity and years of experience to provide the best home care.

Customer Service

I can’t think of any other industry where customer service is more important. We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us. We want you to know who I am. I will be in your home. I will answer your call. We are a local, family-run, independent company. If you hire, “XYZ Home Care”, you don’t know who you are getting, but when you hire Aaron Home Care, you are getting Aaron! I am not an owner that sits behind the desk. I have structured the company so that I am in the field, in your home, matching caregivers, training and supervising caregivers, and most of all, ensuring excellent customer service and satisfaction.


Reputation is everything and it’s my name on the line. I’ve worked hard to have a good name out there, and I will continue to do so. We strive to do a great job, but if there is a ever a glitch or complaint, you know who to call. I take accountability and make it right.


I believe in the “it takes a village” philosophy. I am a member of your community. I believe this type of business should be a small, person-centered business, not a large corporate machine. Our clients become part of our extended family, especially those that have no family locally. I believe in aging at home. I believe in dignity and respect for each person and supporting one’s right to live as they choose, free of judgment. I believe in quality of life. Most of all I believe in integrity. You can’t make a manual for every scenario that comes along in this business. You need to trust the person caring for you, ultimately, to do the right thing. And if you know me, you know I will do the right thing.

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