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Five Ways to Help Your Senior Sleep

Sleep is one of the most critical aspects of senior health. These ideas can give her better quality sleep fast. See what Home Care in La Jolla, CA has to offer.
Home Care in La Jolla
Home Care in La Jolla

Getting lousy sleep adds up, especially for your senior. It doesn’t take long for aging adults to feel the effects of poor sleep. Finding the right solutions, including dietary changes and adding home care, can take some trial and error. Here are some places to start looking.

Pay Attention to Food, Drink, and Timing

It’s easy to forget how important the right foods and drinks are to helping your senior sleep well. Equally important is the timing of when your senior is eating and drinking. If your elderly family member has sleep issues, keeping a food and drink log can help narrow down contributing factors. What you’re looking for are things like high sugar content or high caffeine content. Because these could interfere with sleep. Heavy meals later in the day are likely to interfere.

Check Out Her Sleep Environment

Your elderly family member’s sleeping situation matters a lot when it comes to helping her get quality sleep. If your senior’s room is too bright or the temperature gets too warm overnight, that’s going to pose a problem. Finding ways to address whatever is causing your senior’s sleep environment to be less than ideal is crucial to help her get back to sleeping well.

Set a Sleep Schedule

It might seem restrictive at first to suggest a sleep schedule for your elderly family member. But the reality is that having a solid sleep schedule helps your senior’s body know what to expect in terms of sleep and wakefulness. Working with her circadian rhythm helps her body do what it needs to do to ensure she’s doing what she wants to do at all times of the day and night.

Find Routines that Help

Much of this also involves finding routines that support your elderly family member in her goals. Daily routines ensure that she’s hydrating properly, getting enough movement, and nourishing her body. As the day winds down, afternoon and evening routines help prepare her body for sleep. Home care assistance can offer gentle structure to your senior’s days, which makes formulating and sticking to routines so much easier.

Talk to Her Doctor

Small changes should help your senior get better sleep fairly quickly. If those changes aren’t working, there might be more going on. Talking to your senior’s doctor can help determine if there might be health issues that contribute to her sleep problems. Getting those under better control can be exactly what your elderly family member needs most.

If your senior’s sleep issues are really interfering with her daily life, she might feel as if she’s experiencing cognitive changes. She could also be having more trouble with mood regulation and daily tasks. Having help from home care providers can make all of that a lot easier while she’s sorting out her sleep issues.

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