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Home Care Assistance Benefits to Discuss with Family

After a major or even minor health scare, you and your senior loved one should discuss with the family the benefits of having home care assistance.
Benefits: Home Care Assistance Point Loma CA
Benefits: Home Care Assistance Point Loma CA

Your dad wants to stay in his home, but you have concerns. He had a stroke, and while it was a minor stroke, it’s still alarming to you that he’s insistent on staying in his home. Now is a good time to sit down as a family and discuss the benefits of home care assistance.

Everyone’s Stress and Anxiety Decrease

After a health scare, your entire family’s stress levels will have increased. You’re all working, but you don’t want to leave your dad alone, so you’re trying to figure out how to be there for him while also managing your careers, family lives, and household responsibilities. It’s stressful.

If you have caregivers helping your dad, you’re less stressed. You’re not trying to balance your job with your children’s needs, your dad’s care requirements, and the responsibilities you have within your own home.

Caregivers Help Your Dad Remain Independent

With home care assistance helping your dad each day, he’s able to maintain his independence in his home. He isn’t forced to move in with you or another family member. He doesn’t have to uproot himself with a move to assisted living.

Most older adults want to live in their homes after retirement, and they worry about being forced to move. With caregivers helping out, your dad ages in place, and that makes him happier, which is beneficial to his mental and physical health.

Your Dad’s Quality of Life Improves

As he knows he has the support of a caregiver, your dad isn’t worried about keeping up with housework, scheduling rides to his medical appointments, going shopping on his own, or doing his laundry. He has someone to help with all of that, and that means he can spend more time doing the things he enjoys.

If your dad loves to paint, the time he’s saving on routine chores can be invested in his favorite hobby. He also doesn’t have to worry about struggling to cook a meal, change his sheets, or clean his home.

Caregivers Provide Peace of Mind to Your Family

Your dad has the help he needs, and that gives you peace of mind. You’re not spending your days worrying about whether your dad is out of bed and showered safely or if he’s had enough to eat. You know his caregiver is there to help him complete his ADLs and IADLs.

Your Dad’s Medical Costs Can Decrease

After a stroke, there are concerns about your dad having another, especially if he’s not taking care of himself. His doctor wants him to take medications every day, but your dad is often forgetful and that could lead to him forgetting a dose.

When he has caregivers offering medication reminders and encouraging your dad to eat right and get outside for a daily walk, it can help prevent additional health issues. That can decrease his medical bills. Plus, it can keep him from having to enter an assisted living facility that can be incredibly costly and stressful for him.

Home care assistance is an ideal way to boost your dad’s confidence, independence, and safety. Talk to an advisor in home care to learn more about the different services offered by local caregivers.

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