About the Founder


Aaron Laney, Founder & Owner

Aaron Laney truly has the heart and experience for the field of caregiving. He first began working with adults with disabilities in 1994 as a camp counselor in New York State, where he discovered that he had a talent for communicating with others who might not be able to care for themselves. 

By 1999, he had become Residential Program Manager of a group home for disabled adults in Arlington, Virgina. Here, he built a reputation for being compassionate with his clients, as well as efficient and effective in company operations.  In 2005, Washington DC "watchdog" company, DC Quality Trust appointed Aaron as a Monitoring Specialist. DC Quality Trust was established as a “watchdog” company in Washington DC, funded by the $11 million dollar fine the district had to pay for the unchecked abuse, neglect, and exploitation in its human services field. As monitoring specialist, Aaron co-created and implemented a court-mandated, consistent monitoring system to protect and advocate for the system’s most vulnerable residents. This system is still in use today. 

Aaron is now using his unique gifts and profound experience in the human service field to provide San Diego County Seniors with dependable, compassionate caregivers through Aaron Home Care. 

The Aaron Home Care Team

 The Aaron Home Care team has been working closely together for over seven years to deliver top-rated home care to San Diego Seniors.  

  • Aron Laney, Founder, President & Owner
  • Pam Laney, Vice President & Owner
  • Carlo Layug, Marketing Representative
  • Adrienne Beck, Marketing Representative
  • Julie Buso, Administrative Assistant